[cs_table cs_table_section_title="B.COM. (BACHELOR OF COMMERCE)" table_style="modern" ] [table] [thead] [tr] [th]PART I[/th] [th]PART II[/th] [/tr] [/thead] [tbody] [tr] [td]FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING[/td] [td]ADVANCED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]BUSINESS STATISTICS AND MATHEMATICS[/td] [td]COST ACCOUNTING[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]PRINCIPLE OF ECONOMICS[/td] [td]BUSINESS TAXATION[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS[/td] [td]BUSINESS LAW[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]MONEY, BANKING AND FINANCE[/td] [td]AUDITING[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH[/td] [td]ECONOMICS OF PAKISTAN[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN BUSINESS[/td] [td]BUSINESS COMMUNICATION AND REPORTS WRITING[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]ISLAMIC STUDIES[/td] [td]PAKISTAN STUDIES[/td] [/tr] [/tbody] [/table][/cs_table]
[cs_table cs_table_section_title="B.A (BACHELOR OF ARTS)" table_style="modern" ][table] [thead] [tr] [th]COMPULSORY SUBJECTS[/th] [th]ELECTIVE SUBJECT[/th] [/tr] [/thead] [tbody] [tr] [td]ENGLISH A[/td] [td]POLITICAL SCIENCE[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]ENGLISH B[/td] [td]ECONOMICS[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]ISLAMIC STUDIES[/td] [td]JOURNALISM[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]PAK STUDIES[/td] [td]PUNJABI[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]PERSIAN (OPTIONAL)[/td] [td] [/td] [/tr] [/tbody] [/table] [/cs_table]
[cs_table cs_table_section_title="B.Sc (BACHELOR OF SCIENCE)" table_style="modern" ][table] [thead] [tr] [th]COMBINATIONS[/th] [/tr] [/thead] [tbody] [tr] [td]CHEMISTRY, ZOOLOGY & COMPUTER STUDIES[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]BOTANY, CHEMISTRY & STATISTICS[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]ZOOLOGY, CHEMISTRY & BOTANY[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]STATISTICS, MATH A COURSE & MATH B COURSE[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]MATH (GENERAL), CHEMISTRY & COMPUTER STUDIES[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]MATH (GENERAL), STATISTICS & COMPUTER STUDIES[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]MATH (GENERAL), ECONOMICS & COMPUTER STUDIES[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]MATH (GENERAL), ECONOMICS & STATISTICS[/td] [/tr] [/tbody] [/table] [/cs_table]